Stratopause: Brian Duggan, George Bolster, Siobhan McDonald

28 May - 3 July 2021

Gibbons & Nicholas is pleased to present the online exhibition Stratopause, a bringing together of work that examines layer upon layer of the world around us. From Brian Duggan’s re-imagined stone powerplant designs that question the construction and processes of such manmade interventions, Siobhan McDonald's reconnaissance of the air that envelopes us, our landscapes and the sounds of trees, to George Bolster's extra-terrestrial explorations of evolution, intelligence and stardust.

Together, the practice of each artist and their works exhibited, rebuild the larger context of our existence. In a time when our individual daily cosmos’ have become smaller, when the human population has become even more introspective, faced with its own fatality and vexed from within, it is welcoming and fundamental to look outwards again to the wider reality of time, place and space.

The work presented is a requisite grounding and a soothing meditation. It reminds us of the strata surrounding our continuance on this planet. It invites us to pause, and prompts us to once again open our senses to see the bigger picture.


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