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George Bolster, on the other hand, uses photography as a jumping off point in a completely different direction. An Irish multidisciplinary artist living in NYC, Bolster takes images of spacecrafts, radio telescopes and the like, creates digital files and sends them off to be woven into tapestry on an industrial loom. The resulting piece is then altered by Bolster, who adds his own embroidery – sometimes using threads pulled out from the tapestry.


Bolster sometimes adds imagery to the piece and sometimes a message, such as the work that reads “reality is more magical than any religion.” While Bolster concentrates on the vastness of the universe — he mentions that “there are an estimated one billion planets in the milky way,” and the “idea that we are alone in the universe no longer has any currency” — his goals are closer to the ground. “We think that we are the pinnacle of evolution, but we are not,” he states.”We need to be open to new ideas in order for the planet to survive.”

“The divisions in our society are cultural,” he continues. “we are so short-sighted as a species – we have to recognize each other as human.” Even the image of a rainbow has a lesson, as it only represents the spectrum that is visible. Bolster notes that his latest work focuses on ” how limited we are in what we see.”

Even while examining the current political and environmental issues that threaten us daily, he retains a sense of wonder and a bit of optimism. Going a step further from his embroidered message, he says that , “we should remember the fact that reality is more magical than anything.”

While one looks inward and the other outward, the two artists are working on two sides of the same coin. After all, one can’t deal with the world until one knows oneself.

George Bolster, “Tearing at the Fabric of Your Reality,” is at Ulterior, 172 Attorney St., every Wednesday through Sunday until Dec. 20, from noon to 6 p.m.